What to Grow in Air-Pot Containers

Almost any plant will grow better in an Air-Pot container. We make a large range of sizes and shapes to cater for every need, from propagation trays and small pots for seedlings, to larger sizes for tender crops, fruit and flowers.

Better aeration and drainage makes Air-Pot containers ideal for growing a wide range of subtropical and temperate crops, either under glass or outside.

Air-Pot containers are ideal for tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, chillies, aubergines, melons and anything else you would like to grow.

To assist in the hand watering, the container is made with two or three uncut cones at the top of the wall, to form a deep water reservoir.

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Herb & Salad Tray

Herb & Salad Tray

The shallow 8 Litre Air-Pot Propagation Tray is also ideal for herbs and salads. It has a broad diameter, allowing you to plant several different herbs or salad leaves.

It is ideal for the greenhouse. outside close to the kitchen door, or inside for the winter. The Herb and Salad tray has 2 uncut cones at the top of the wall to form a water reservoir.

Root Vegetables

Air-Pot root vegetables
Hardy root vegetables thrive in the healthy, well-drained and aerated soil found in Air-Pot containers so we have developed a specially designed potato tower.Container growing protects your potato plants from pests and diseases and can be done in even the smallest space.There is no heavy digging and at the end of the season harvesting is quick and easy.The 50 litre potato tower is ideal for your patio or anywhere there is limited space. It comes with a base making it completely self contained. Carrots parsnips and beetroot also thrive in Air-Pot containers.

Air-Pot® from seed

The unique design of the Air-Pot container transforms the quality of plants right from germination.

Propagation Trays

To get the best from your plants it is essential that they develop good roots right from germination.

The increased aeration of the compost in the Air-Pot propagation tray means more even germination right across the tray and air pruning leads to the development of healthy fibrous roots, with no deformities.


To make good compost you need healthy bacteria, which thrive in a well aerated environment . Our innovative plastic composter is designed to encourage air flow all round the walls as well as up from the base of the compost heap. It looks good, is simple to assemble and lasts for years. Like all Air-Pot containers it is made from 100% recycled plastic.

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