Delivered flat, the containers are convenient to store and quick and easy to assemble. Every detail has been refined over many years and correct assembly is essential for your plants to get the full benefits of the system.

This video explains the design and shows you how to put it together.



The Air-Pot container is just one part of a total growing system. To reap all its potential benefits it is essential to use a suitable compost mix and give the plant sufficient water.

Lack of aeration and poor drainage are big problems when growing in traditional containers. However no such problems exist with the Air-Pot system. Increased oxygenation means that the compost can be compacted in the containers without becoming anaerobic. More compost means more nutrient for the plant.


Air-Pot containers are just as effective with a range of different growing mediums. Whether you grow in expanded clay, rockwool, soiless or with coco fibre your plants will develop fantastic roots.

Tomatoes 4


The increased rate of growth and the much greater number of new white tipped roots means Air-Pot® grown plants demand more moisture and nutrient. Managing this demand is fundamental to the success of the system.Ideally Air-Pot® grown plants should be watered with a drip irrigation system and this is the preferred choice of professional growers. Simple inexpensive systems can now be obtained from garden centres. Hand watering is equally effective as there are two or more rows of uncut cones at the top of the container to form a water reservoir.

Drip wateringHand watering